[All day monitoring of heart rate,blood sugar, and blood pressure] Bluetooth fashion smartwatch

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Noninvasive measurements can't be compared to medical products, the difference is about 5-30%, please note that: 

① Generally, fasting whole blood glucose is 3.9-6.1 mmol/l (70-110 mg/dl)

When exceeding 10 millimoles, pay attention to the changes and seek medical attention if necessary. When exceeding 13.9 millimoles, hospitalization is required.

Pay attention to changes when it is below 3.9. If it continues to decrease, seek medical attention. If it is below 2.8, seek medical attention immediately.

Postprandial blood glucose normal value

1 hour after meal: Blood sugar 6.7-9.4 millimoles per liter. At most, it should not exceed 11.1mmol/L (200mg/dl).

2 hours after meal: Blood glucose ≤ 7.8 mmol/L.

3 hours after meal: return to normal after the third hour

Normal blood glucose levels of pregnant women

① Pregnant women should not exceed 5.1mmol/L on an empty stomach.

② Pregnant women should not exceed 10.0mmol/L within 1 hour after meals to determine the normal level of blood sugar.

③ Pregnant women should have a normal blood sugar level of no more than 11.1mmol/L within 2 hours after meals



Verified Buyer

Works great, calls are clear. I have an iPhone and the only way I can get text on the watch is if I leave the app open on my phone all the time. So don’t close it out. I love that I can have my kids picture on the screen. it looks nice and clear. The picture i posted wasn’t clear. But it’s not like that in reality. Very clear picture. Customer service is easy and fast through chat. They are very helpful and answer my questions quickly. The watch and band feel nice. Looks like an Apple Watch. Counts my steps accurately from what I can tell. I can save 8 contacts on my watch. Easy and convenient to use! Recommend. Facebook, IG or other apps don’t connect to it, and you can’t text message out. But you can make calls.

Julia Roberts

Verified Buyer

This watch is perfect I work for Amazon so by me not being able to look at my phone I can see it off my watch .aAnd it helps me to know my heartbeat so I can keep my health right with me having heart problems this watch is the perfect fit for my everyday life


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This watch is amazing!So it is accurate for heart rate, stress monitor, and blood oxygen, but the steps are a little off, like I can tease it by moving by arms a little fast (I brushed my hair one time actually and it added for steps) and it adds steps so you can't really know if by the end of the day your steps on your watch is ligit. Also it will give you the notification that you got a text and it will show you what the text says but you can't text back you also can't answer phone calls but you can hang up.But other then I love love itt!!